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We love typewriters. Apparently, so does Tom Hanks.


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Here at Headlines we have a soft spot for typewriters; from the ancient Royal Deluxe sitting in our boardroom to the retro Olivetti adverts that we have framed in our hallway. And so does actor, producer, director and writer, Tom Hanks, who apparently owns quite an extensive collection. Mr Hanks recently expressed this love for typewriters in an article for the New York Times.

“I use a manual typewriter — and the United States Postal Service — almost every day. My snail-mail letters and thank-you notes, office memos and to-do lists, and rough — and I mean very rough — drafts of story pages are messy things, but the creating of them satisfies me like few other daily tasks… No one throws away typewritten letters, because they are pieces of graphic art with a singularity equal to your fingerprints, for no two manual typewriters print precisely the same.”

Kudos to you Tom. We kinda feel the same way. Although we won’t be getting rid of our Apple Macs just yet.