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Varsity College : Magic Mouse

Varsity College needed a way to communicate to their staff that when experiencing any IT or computer related difficulties they should contact the internal IT Helpdesk and log a fault ticket with them.

To solve the problem of coming up with a permanent reminder for staff to follow the correct procedure, we decided to use a product manufactured by Gecko Media, a “Magic Mouse Pad”. With the custom message on the front, and being able to be used as both a mouse pad and screen cleaner (as well as being able to stick to pretty much any surface), these VC magic mouse pads have proven themselves a hit, achieving the desired result with a longevity and use far beyond the reminder that is constantly under the very noses of staff.

Note: The microfibre being what it is, and the production method involved, does come with a trade-off: the final product loses about 20% of the saturation from the original artwork supplied – as can clearly be seen here.