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PCT_Pitch_1PCT_Pitch_2PCT_Pitch_3PCT_Pitch_4PCT_Pitch_5PCT_Pitch_6PCT_Pitch_7PCT_Pitch_8PCT_Pitch_9Their current communication.

PC Training & Business College

PC Training & Business College is a Higher Education (HET) and Further Education (FET) organization with campuses located across most major cities in South Africa.

We were invited to present an annual media and marketing strategy, as well as a new look and feel for the institution. In doing so, we looked into their existing brand identity and communication (see final slide) and came up with a fresh and current logo, slogan and campaign.

Note: The logo that we used in this pitch was by no means the final version we’d have liked to go with; just a quick something that we could use to put our pitch together. Furthermore, all images that we used were purely for pitching purposes; to convey the tone of the photography that we would ultimately have sourced or photographed ourselves.